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Earn rewards for making people’s lives easier.

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Do you know a business owner that needs help?

Many field service businesses struggle with hiring, controlling costs and keeping everything organized.


ClearlyApps helps business owners take control of their business with their own custom app.

With our ClearlyRewards Program, you and the business owner earn rewards when they sign up for a custom app.


Earn rewards and help business owners succeed.

Get rewarded for referring friends and helping them take control of their business with their own custom app.

Get $250 for You and $250 for a Friend

That’s right, you both earn a $250 reward when you refer a business that signs up for a custom app to get their business on track.

Bonus Rewards

You’ll get another $250 reward for every five referrals.

How it Works

You refer a friend who needs help, they sign up for a custom app and start taking control of their business. You both earn a $250 reward.

Choose Your Own Rewards

You and the business owner you refer get to choose your own rewards including:

ClearlyRewards Terms

We have some important terms that guide us to make sure everyone is rewarded fairly.

Marketing Efforts. - You can refe
r people, but you don’t work for us.

As a referral provider, you are not required to and will not promote and market ClearlyApps. You may however, in the ordinary course of your own business and day-to-day affairs, identify and refer people to ClearlyApps.

Marketing Practices. - You will conduct business in an honest and ethical way.

You will conduct business in a manner that reflects favorably at all times on the good name, goodwill, and reputation of ClearlyApps, strictly avoiding any and all deceptive, misleading, illegal, immoral or unethical practices that are or might be detrimental to ClearlyApps, or the public.

This includes, but is not limited to, disparagement of ClearlyApps, making no false or misleading representation, not publishing or use any advertising material on behalf of ClearlyApps, and making no representations that are inconsistent with the literature distributed by the ClearlyApps, including all warranties and disclaimers contained in such literature.

Referral Eligibility - You can only refer new customers.

You shall not be required to take any action to assist with selling products to existing customers. You may not refer existing customers of ClearlyApps for a reward.

All trademarks are the property of respective owners.


We’re dedicated to improving the lives of field service business owners.

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Happy customers, happy techs, happy life.


What other business owners are saying about ClearlyApps:

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“Our custom app allows me to schedule my employees, manage timecards, send professional quotes, book more businesses, and send invoices in a snap.”

Resort Pools & Fences, Virginia Beach, VA

See how other business owners took control of their business with ClearlyApps.

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