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How do I schedule work efficiently?

It's another busy day. You are trying to find the tools you need in a disorganized shop. You are wasting time searching and becoming irritated. You've had enough and decide to organize the shop. From now on every tool will be in its place because you don't want to feel this stress anymore. Creating an efficient work schedule is actually easier than organizing your shop. Highly profitable owners enjoy stress free scheduling every day using one simple thing.

An organized workshop with tools neatly arranged on a wall, symbolizing efficiency and productivity.

The Self-Organizing Shop

An organized shop is a great feeling. It feels like productivity, which means profits. Keeping a shop continually organized takes effort from everyone, every day. Even with the best run shops, tools somehow grow legs and disappear. How amazing would it be if a shop organized itself? Once a tool is done being used, it automatically goes back into place and never grows legs.

Highly profitable owners think of their company schedule as an organized shop. At any moment, they can see organization at all times. Organization means productivity and profits.

Schedule Changes

Nothing ever goes to plan. When the schedule changes, staff needs to know. Depending on how you display and update the schedule will determine how fast the changes reach your staff. The longer it takes to reach your staff, the less productive they are. Less productivity means less profits.

The typical methods for displaying and updating schedules are whiteboards, printed calendars/ planners, bulletin boards, chalkboards, printed task lists, face-to-face meetings, printed job tickets, notebooks, etc. These are all great methods for making a plan that has no changes. When a change happens, how long does it take to send updates? Highly profitable owners send updates instantly using a shared calendar or software meaning productivity remains high.

Schedule Updates

Some owners update their schedules at the office or on-site. This means staff needs to come back to the office or go to a central spot on-site to see the changes. Nobody can remember everything and being able to go back and see the changes are vital for the changes to be done correctly. Productivity is at its lowest using these methods. This is the least efficient way to send schedule updates.

If this method received a grade, it would be a D-

Some owners send schedule updates using phone calls and two-way radios. This is a faster way to send information, however, the verbal methods require staff to remember the details. Recalling the details takes time and could result in more communication and even less productivity.

If this method received a grade, it would be a D+

Some owners send schedule updates using texts, voicemails, and emails. This is an even faster way to send information and allows the staff to go back and see the changes without remembering every detail. What happens if there are multiple changes to the schedule? Staff now have to look at several texts, listen to several voicemails, and read several emails to decide which change is the latest. The time it takes to decipher the most recent change takes more time which means productivity slows. In addition, people make errors. Staff could miss the latest email or text and proceed with an older schedule.

If this method received a grade, it would be a C-

Highly profitable owners use software. This can be purchased software or free shared calendars. Regardless, the latest information is always available to staff, at any time, no matter where the staff are. Productivity remains high without missing a beat.

If this method received a grade, it would be an A+

Free Shared Calendars

The vast majority of highly profitable owners use paid scheduling software that allows much greater business flexibility. However, Google and Microsoft offer free alternatives that are easy to setup.

Google has instructions HERE on how to use their free calendar service. This service allows you to set permissions so you can control who sees what. We personally like this free calendar because of its simplistic interface and easy setup.

Microsoft has instructions HERE on how to use their free calendar service. You can also set permissions; however, the interface is not as clean as Google and the setup has more steps.

The Honest Truth (with Compassion)

If you are still using paper, whiteboards, notebooks, etc. we understand it's not just a habit; it's a comfort and a reliable method you've trusted for years. Transitioning away from these familiar tools can be challenging.

You bust your hump every day. People rely on you for their source of income. With the current way you do business, you can only grow so big and make so much money. Aren't you tired of the constant stress, irritation, and disorganization? The ONLY difference between you and highly profitable owners is that they decided to make a small change. They realized the fear of not making the change was holding them back. This small change set their business on a profit bullet train, and they cannot believe they waited so long.

Believe us when we say that's the only difference. Highly profitable owners don't work harder than you, they are not smarter than you, and they weren't given a special business gift at birth. They decided to make a small change and you can too.

You know we build custom apps. Building apps is merely a way for us to change lives. If you want to get organized in all phases of your business with a money back guarantee, we're happy to help. If you aren't ready for that and still have questions about the free calendars, give us a call. We are happy to walk you through Google or Microsoft's steps for free. By helping you with these steps, we are still changing lives. You got this!


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