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How can my staff perform the work without me?

How do you know when it's time to refill your gas tank? Do you stop the truck, take the gas cap off, and look at the tank? Of course you don't because the gas is measured for you and displayed conveniently where you can see it. It even alerts you when the gas is low.

Do you stop by the jobsite to "check on your guys" often? Do you have a way to measure their progress? Do you have this progress displayed conveniently where you can see it? Do you have alerts when something is wrong? Guess who does? Highly profitable owners and they use one simple thing to accomplish this.

Close-up of a car dashboard displaying various metrics, illustrating the concept of quick and efficient information access for remote staff management.

Dashboard Quick Glance

As you drive, you glance down at the dashboard. You scan a couple items and then put your eyes back on the road. You drive confidently knowing there's plenty of gas, your tires have the adequate pressure, you are going the legal speed, and your truck is not overheating. You got all that information from a 2 second glance. Thanks to automakers, they have created a way to show information quickly and accurately.

Imagine your business having the same quick and accurate system in place. You could focus on other things while quickly checking on your guys (and not being onsite). Highly profitable owners have this system and you can too.

Clear Instructions and Progress Images

Clear instructions and progress images are a game-changer for highly profitable owners who manage their job sites effectively without being physically present.

Providing detailed, step-by-step instructions, highly profitable owners ensure their crew understands exactly what needs to be done, reducing the chances of mistakes and misunderstandings. Progress images taken at key stages of the project allow owners to visually track the work's advancement and address any issues promptly.

This combination of clear instructions and visual updates ensures that staff perform the work while owners stay informed and in control. This will preserve your time and resources by not needing to be onsite constantly.

Free Shared Storage Space

The vast majority of highly profitable owners use paid software that allows much greater business flexibility. However, Google and Microsoft offer free alternatives that are easy to setup.

Google has instructions HERE on how to use their free storage space. This service allows you to set permissions so you can control who sees what. We personally like this free storage space because of its simplistic interface and easy setup. And in case you are wondering, storage space is exactly like your computer. But instead of it being on your computer, it's on Google's computers (spread out over the world), with industry best security measures. This allows you and your team to access the instructions and images.

Microsoft has instructions HERE on how to use their free storage space. You can also set permissions.

The Honest Truth (with Compassion)

Managing your jobs can be just as straightforward as checking your speed. Don't quite believe this? Think your business is so unique that it requires you to be onsite? In the most respectful way, we disagree.

This may come as a shock but your business is not unique. What you offer is not unique. This is not a dig at you personally or the business you've built. You are excellent at your craft and most likely a wonderful person. However, there is competition in your space and there are highly profitable owners in your exact space that are able to monitor progress without being onsite.

It cannot be said enough that highly profitable owners don't work harder than you, they are not smarter than you, and they weren't given a special business gift at birth. They decided to make a small change and you can too. You got this!


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