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How do I get new customers?

Imagine trying to fish in a vast ocean without any knowledge of where the fish are. You could spend hours or even days without a single catch. This scenario is the exact challenge of getting new customers (if you don't know what you're doing). Fortunately, highly successful small business owners have figured this out.

Fishing rods set up on a boat at sunrise, symbolizing the strategic approach needed for acquiring new customers.

Casting into the Unknown

When you go fishing without a map or guide, you're essentially casting your line into the unknown. If you don't have a clear strategy for acquiring customers, you're wasting time and resources. This leads to inefficiency and frustration as your efforts yield little to no results. Guess who doesn't have this issue? Highly profitable owners.

The Amateur Fisherman

One of the telltale signs of an amateur fisherman is he consistently catches fewer fish that other fishermen in similar conditions. The amateur fisherman may have a nice boat, the best gear, and go to the right fishing spots, but simply put - they don't know how to properly catch the fish.

The Seasoned Fisherman

A seasoned fisherman relies heavily on years of experience and knowledge about the best fishing spots, proper baits, and casting techniques. This expertise allows him to maximize his catch efficiently. He understands the habits and patterns of different fish species, such as where they feed, their migration patterns, and the best times to catch them. This knowledge is identical in business, where understanding customer behavior and is crucial. Thankfully, highly profitable owners have done this research already.

Using the Wrong Bait

Just as specific baits work best for certain fish, different types of messages appeal to different customers. Let's be honest, you know your ideal customer. They need work done, have the money, and really want an expert who does what they say. There are only 4 reasons why they aren't contacting you. Here's a hint, it has nothing to do with your prices...

  • They have never heard of your business.

  • They may have heard of your business, but don't have proof you do great work.

  • They are aware of your business and are ready to buy, however, they feel there is a risk using your business.

  • They were your previous customer and have no idea you can fix more of their problems or that they even have more problems.

3 Types of Messages

Remember, highly profitable owners keep things simple. They only use 3 messages depending on the type of customer they want to talk to. They have used these messages over and over, with predicable results.

  • They don't know your business.

“You are experiencing a problem. We're experts. Here’s something free that may help you.”

  • They know your business.

“We’ve helped so many other people like you. Check out our website/ this handout/ etc. for the amazing results. We guarantee XYZ or your money back.”

  • They were your customer at one time.

“Here's how to take care of the product or service we did for you. Call us anytime with questions. We are always here to help."

We'll walk through these in detail in other posts.

The Honest Truth (with Compassion)

How do you get new customers? The most common response is "word of mouth."

If you are relying on "word of mouth" customers to provide steady work, you are essentially taking your expensive boat on the water, and waiting for fish to jump into your boat without casting a single line. A seasoned fisherman would never do this and you shouldn't either.


We have no doubt you have a stellar reputation for doing things the right way. You just need help growing your business. Getting new customers without selling is the goal. Nobody wants to be pitched or come across as a used car salesman. These methods are for amateurs. You are a seasoned expert. Experts communicate. Experts provide value. Customers who listen to experts should be smarter afterwards.

These potential customers will have an issue and the hope is that your guidance will help. And it will. Your guidance will resonate with the customer as being honest, truthful, and detailed enough, they will contact you to solve their problem. Your reputation will remain intact and your business will grow the right way. One local company that does this really well is Atlantis Pools. This is no affiliation here - simply expertise recognizing expertise.


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