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How do I get customers who know my business?

Is it hard for you to convert folks familiar with your company into paying customers? Welcome to the club. The transition from people knowing your company to acquiring customers is a common problem. Do highly profitable small business owners have this problem? Nope. And what they do is so simple.

Delivery boxes on a front porch, representing successful business transactions.

Euymhod's Photos

Euymhod is a Chinese clothing retailer on Amazon. And yes, we have no idea how to pronounce their name! They don't have a website, yet Euymhod has a ton of customers. How is this possible? Euymhod does the same thing as highly profitable small business owners - they inspire people to solve their problems. Here's how they do it. For example, they have pictures of woman in nice shirts with a beach background, wearing sunglasses, a fancy watch, a nice necklace, and looking sophisticated. People become inspired to be glamorous like the women and then start buying the clothes.

Highly profitable owners do the same thing. They display pictures of manicured lawns with kids playing on them or folks enjoying the pool. People then become inspired to have that wonderful time and then purchase the lawn service or the pool.

Amoretu's Trust and Credibility

Is this another Chinese retailer whose name we cannot pronounce? Yes, it is. And it took us less than a minute to find a short-sleeved shirt that has almost 5 stars with 7,000 ratings. Potential customers see the stars and ratings and think "Ok, if so many people have had great success, I will too."

Highly profitable owners do the exact same thing. They add trust and credibility to those nice photos by having tons of customer success stories on their website. They know positive reviews position their company as more trustworthy and reduce the perceived risk of purchasing. The result has potential customers feeling safe and reducing their anxiety about the purchase.

The Honest Truth (with Compassion)

We picked Euymhod and Amoretu as examples because they are online only. They don't have a storefront, a website, trucks driving around town, mailers, neighbors talking about them, or any advertising. These 2 retailers have a ridiculously harder time convincing people to buy than you do. Yet they have thousands of people buying from them and are featured in Amazon. All because of their photo choices, customer success stories, and star ratings.

Think about that. You are busting your tail every day and some Chinese companies have good pictures and success stories and are blowing you out of the water with their revenue. Imagine if you took a little time to update your website. You'd be a money-making machine!

Don't have a clue what pictures to add? We've done the hard work for you. Below is a list describing industry specific pictures that will inspire. Our hope is that you'll understand the type of pictures to put on your website and add them soon. You got this! And if you have questions, give us a call. However, we don't design websites, just build custom software to organize small businesses.

Appliance Repair

Description: A cozy family kitchen, where a mother and her young daughter are baking cookies together. The father is leaning against the counter, smiling and chatting with them. The scene is warm and bright, with the aroma of fresh cookies filling the air. The appliances are all clean and in perfect working order, emphasizing the importance of reliable and well-maintained kitchen equipment.

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