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How do I get customers who don’t know about my business?

Are you finding it difficult to attract new customers who have no idea who you are? If so, you're not alone. It's a common challenge: trying to gain the trust and attention of potential customers without established credibility. The good news is, there’s a proven way to overcome this hurdle, and many successful business owners have already done it.

An auto service center with multiple cars being serviced, illustrating the concept of offering free services like multi-point inspections to attract new customers who don't know about your business.

The Free Multi-Point Inspection

It's a fact that certain people do not want to work on their cars. There are so many people, that dealerships have made tons of money servicing vehicles.

The exact same thing is true with your customers. There are certain people who do not want to build their own pool, maintain their lawn, rewire their house, etc. And there are so many people out there that you have a business to help them. The only difference between your business and the car dealership is that they have systems in place to constantly get new customers.

Car dealerships have the "free multi-point inspection" for a reason. And yes, it's not actually free. This strategy was designed to build an easy initial relationship with new customers. But why? Offering something for free will create new business. Not all potential customers will become actual customers. However, the profits made by the new customers will dwarf the time and money spent giving away the "free" things to many potential customers. Additionally, your new customers will become repeat customers and add even more profit.

Offering a free inspection or free trial gives customers a chance to work with your business, meet the people on your team and experience "who you are" in a low-risk way. Once they get to know you, they are more likely to do business with you.

What's Your Free Multi-Point Inspection?

Here are some examples of free services that highly profitable businesses provide to attract new clients and showcase their value.

Appliance Repair

Free Appliance Diagnostic: Offer a complimentary diagnostic service to identify the issue with a household appliance.

Maintenance Tips: Provide free maintenance advice to help customers keep their appliances running smoothly.

Audio & Video Services


Chimney Services

Cleaning Services




Electrical Services


Fence Services


Garage Door Services

General Contracting

Government Contracting

Handyman Services



Irrigation Services

Janitorial Services

Junk Removal


Lawn Care

Mechanical Services



Pest Control


Pool & Spa Services

Pressure Washing

Property Maintenance

Property Management



Roadway Services


Snow Removal


Tree Services

The Honest Truth (with Compassion)

You want to get customers that don't know you. Many owners are hesitant or fearful to offer free services because of common misconceptions. You can find the full list of misconceptions HERE.

Owners who offer free services to attract new clients often enjoy a much more stable and rewarding lifestyle. They have a constant flow of new customers, which not only increases their income but also reduces the stress and anxiety of finding new business. They are able to focus on improving and expanding their services, ultimately leading to greater satisfaction and success.

We truly care about your success and want to see your business thrive. You got this!


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