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How do I create simple processes?

Creating simple processes is like building a Lego set the first time - it’s tough, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes really simple. Unfortunately, when you’re constantly putting out fires and dealing with urgent issues, creating lasting processes is nearly impossible. Luckily, highly profitable owners have been in your shoes and following in their footsteps is easy.

a Lego figure with a red hat and blue overalls, illustrating the concept of building processes like assembling a Lego set.

Building a Lego Set

Imagine building a large Lego set. At first glance, the pile of bricks may seem overwhelming, but by following the instructions step-by-step, you gradually see the pieces come together into an impressive structure. This exactly mirrors the way highly profitable owners create processes.

Sort the Lego Pieces

Before building, experienced Lego builders sort their pieces by color and size. Thankfully, the pieces are already sorted for you by profitable owners.

Follow the Instructions

Lego sets come with instruction manuals that guide you through the building process one step at a time. Each step is designed so the most complex structure is built one piece at a time. Even better, when a Lego piece is added, it stays in place, so you don't have to ever move it. Highly successful owners have followed this same instruction manual for years.

Build Small Sections

When building a Lego set, it’s important to focus on one section at a time rather than trying to assemble multiple parts at the same time. This focused approach prevents confusion and errors. Creating processes is no different. The good news is that your business only has 5 Lego sections!

  • Get new customers.

  • Schedule the work.

  • Perform the work.

  • Get paid.

  • Manage resources.

The Honest Truth (with Compassion)

Have you ever been on vacation? Dumb question, you probably have. Buying your plane tickets and booking a place to stay involves research on the best prices. If you've been on vacation, then you've spent time researching. We all make time for the things we want to do.

We know creating business processes is not something enjoyable. This is why so many owners don't do it. But let's be honest, if your business was a full Lego set given to a child for their birthday, they would complete the set before bedtime. A 5 section Lego set is not complicated with the correct instructions.

You can do this! If you need help getting started, call us.


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