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Meet Dr. Ian

The Barford Family

Our owner, Dr. Ian Barford, grew up in a small town in the Midwest.​ 3 stop lights small.​ 60 kids in his graduating class small.​ Small town = started working at 15 years old.​ He built tractors, Cut glass (not grass. cut mirrors and other sharp items), Laid tile, Mowed lawns, and Painted.​ And the list goes on... Something stood out. He noticed a trend. Small business owners never had enough time.​ Years passed and Ian moved on. College.​ Wife.​ Kids. Amazing government job. ​(Warfighter prototyping and atomic research for nearly 20 years). Something was nagging. Memories kept creeping in. Small business owners of the past. He felt their struggle. Life was full and time was precious. ​But... He didn't feel stressed. He had simple processes. Busy work was taken care of. His time was protected. This was THE moment of clarity. He could help. ​And he wanted to help. And then came the ultimate decision. ​ He quit his job. He left his pension. He cut his family's safety net.​ To help others.

Trying to scale your business?

Need more organization?

Want to stand out from the competition?

We can help.

We combine expertise and a deep understanding of the small business landscape to deliver guaranteed results.

“We want to work with small businesses who are passionate.  Not only passionate to solve our problems but who help others for a greater good.”

- A Happy ClearlyApps Customer


Why ClearlyApps?

There's a better, more efficient way to grow your business.

ROI Guarantee

We guarantee a minimum of $10K annual savings and will uncover cost-saving opportunities during a discovery call. If we don't find $10K in savings, you don't pay.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Grow your business and boost your revenue without hiring any new employees.  Custom software won’t call in sick!

Stay Focused

With non-value added work removed from your plate, focus on the tasks that bring in money.

Work Anywhere on Any Device

With your business running smoothly, choose where and how you want to monitor progress. Oversee your entire operations without having to be onsite.

Stay Small, Grow Big

Continue over delivering and building trust with customers. Just do it more efficiently!

Level the Playing Field

You now have access to technology previously afforded by larger companies.

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Find out how much you can save today!



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