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Meet Dr. Ian

The Barford Family

Our owner, Dr. Ian Barford, had a successful career in the federal government, working in research, development, and prototyping of advanced warfighter technologies. Despite his professional success, he always felt a longing to do something more meaningful with his life.


One day, Dr. Ian had an epiphany. He realized that he could use his skills and expertise to help small business owners grow. Growing up in the Midwest, he worked for many small business owners and had seen firsthand the challenges that these entrepreneurs faced, such as limited resources, competition from larger companies, and the never-ending time management struggle.


Determined to make a difference, Dr. Ian left his job and started his own company, ClearlyApps. With a small team of experts in software development, he began helping small businesses achieve their goals. Whether you need help with scaling, business organization, balancing quality and growth, or standing out from the competition, we are here to help. We combine expertise and a deep understanding of the small business landscape to deliver guaranteed results.

“We want to work with small businesses who are passionate.  Not only passionate to solve our problems but who help others for a greater good.”

- A Happy ClearyApps Customer

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